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Improved access to OpenSAFELY Jobs from secure environments

06 April 2023

OpenSAFELY Jobs is used by researchers from within the secure environments (such as TPP level 4) to support the review and output checking of files.

We’ve added an easier way for users to log in to OpenSAFELY Jobs from the TPP secure environment, by implementing auto-generated single use tokens. Previously, users were required to manually type their Github password and 2FA token, which was too easy to get wrong.

To use this new method, users first generate a single use token by going to their settings page and clicking on the “Generate Single Use Token” button. Then, they log in as normal to TPP level 4 over the VPN and open a browser window pointing at the OpenSAFELY Jobs log in page. They are now able to authenticate to OpenSAFELY Jobs using just their username or email and the single use token. Much quicker while still being highly secure!