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OpenSAFELY has been built as a broad collaboration between a wide range of organisations and users with diverse skills and knowledge. This has enabled high quality research across the two largest electronic health record providers in the NHS, representing over 95% of the NHS patient population in England, to support urgent research into the COVID-19 emergency. To date, this has generated 65 published research outputs from more than 10 different organisations and includes work on understanding disease risk; monitoring the uptake of vaccines and novel treatments; evaluating vaccine effectiveness; assessing patient safety; understanding changes in patient care during and after the pandemic and informing restoration of service following disruption; assessing the impact of lockdowns; and informing public health guidance and policy.

Below, you will find details on each of these outputs, including links to published research, and the source code. Our blog contains more details on some of our research highlights and our NHS service analytics work.

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