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Project #106:
Effectiveness and safety of sotrovimab and molnupiravir for prevention of severe COVID-19 outcomes

On 16th December 2021, COVID-19 Medicine Delivery Units (CMDUs) were launched across England to provide antiviral medicines and neutralising monoclonal antibodies (nMAbs) to treat COVID-19 patients in community settings who are at high risk of severe outcomes. The approval and early clinical use of these medications have been mainly supported by evidence from several randomised controlled trials of limited size. It is crucial to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of these medications on preventing COVID-19 disease progression in real-world settings with wider populations.

This study aims to examine and compare the effectiveness of sotrovimab and molnupiravir, the two most frequently prescribed medications by CMDUs so far, in non-hospitalised high-risk adult patients with COVID-19 across England. The main comparator groups are patients who received sotrovimab vs. those who received molnupiravir, between whom the risk of COVID-19 related hospitalisation/death within 29 days after treatment initiation (and other efficacy/safety outcomes of interest) will be compared.

  • Study lead: Bang Zheng
  • Organisation: University of Oxford and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Project type: Research
  • Topic area: Risk from COVID (short term) [e.g. hospitalisation/death]