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Project #133:
Effect of COVID-19 on prescribing of Dependence Forming Medicines and the associated health utilisation

During COVID-19, GPs have supported people to manage a decline in their mental wellbeing. Many services and community activities were not available during COVID and this may have resulted in changes to prescribing of drugs as a result of declining mental wellbeing. Certain medicines that are effective in the short term to elevate symptoms of poor mental wellbeing can cause dependence. This study will establish any changes to what dependence forming medicines have been prescribed, how alternatives to medication have been employed and the impact this has on people in terms of how often they turn to their GP for continuing support.

  • Study lead: Carol Roberts
  • Organisation: PrescQIPP C.I.C.
  • Project type: Service Evaluation
  • Topic area: Other/indirect impacts of COVID on health/healthcare