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Project #115:
Effectiveness of sotrovimab/molnupiravir use vs non-use

  • Type: Research
  • Topic areas: Risk from COVID (short term) [e.g. hospitalisation/death]

In December 2021, COVID-19 medicine delivery units were launched across England to offer antiviral medicines and neutralsing monoclonal antibodies to nonhospitalised COVID-19 patients thought to be at high risk of severe outcomes. Amid understandable concerns surrounding early regulatory authorisations, noninterventional evidence surrounding the effectiveness of these medications is needed to guide policy surrounding the use of these medications in routine clinical practice. We aim to emulate a randomised trial using observational data to estimate the effectiveness (prevention of hospitalisation and death) of either sotrovimab or molnupiravir versus no-treatment, amongst non-hospitalised COVID-19 patients in one of the high-risk groups.

  • Study leads: John TazareLinda Nab
  • Organisation: University of Oxford and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine